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Get quartzite slabs in Calgary from Stone Selection to add elegance and vibrant textures to your home. Quartzite is as beautiful as marble with the added bonus of being more durable with proper care. A fashionable décor option, Quartzite slabs can be adapted for many home applications: from a fresh new quartzite backsplash to eye-catching quartzite countertops. A favourite quality of quartzite for many designers and home owners is the variety of beautiful colours, deep textures and fascinating patterns. For its exotic qualities, the price of quartzite countertops can be a more expensive natural stone. However, many homeowners find it is worth the investment for high-use applications. To see firsthand the beauty and possibilities of quartzite counters and quartize backsplashes, visit our gallery in Calgary and explore the selection of quartzite slabs.

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Quartzite slabs are available in two configurations: hard and soft. Hard quartzite is the most durable and can be as dependable as granite when it comes to stability. A hard quartzite counter won’t scratch, it is stain resistant, and will not be scarred by acid. In terms of enduring performance, soft quartzite ranks in-between marble and granite as a functional natural stone fixture. Generally, soft quartzite counters are more durable than marble, but still contain calcium carbonate, which makes a quartzite slab sensitive to acid etching. Both categories of  quartzite are popular options with home owners as well as designers and contractors due this broad compositional range. Options for any given quartzite countertop, quartzite backsplash or quartzite wall feature can be selected based on intended use for a specific space, and priced according to strength necessities. Stone Selection is a natural stone and quartzite supplier in Calgary that can help you select the optimal material for your preferences and needs. For more information about quartzite slabs in Calgary, come by our show room or contact us.


Stone Selection is a leading quartzite supplier in Calgary. We stock and offer a large amount  of the best-selling quartzite slab options available on the market. This means that homeowners do not have to shop around for selection – we are a one-stop quartzite shop with options sure to fit perfectly in your home. If you wish to learn about the benefits and potential drawbacks of quartzite countertops or a quartzite backsplash, our stone experts will outline what to expect from the stone itself, as well as the process of ordering custom quartzite. With one of the widest selections available, Stone Selection is your best choice of quartzite supplier. Visit our showroom today to see the possibilities for quartzite slabs in Calgary.


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