Marble Countertops

The elegance of marble offers a contemporary finish to any house in Calgary. Transform any surface in your home by adding impeccable marble floors, marble backsplashes, marble countertops, or even marble table tops. The addition of sturdy marble adds beauty as well as value to your home. The elegant look of marble kitchen countertops combines precise form with enduring function to any modern living space.

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Being cut from natural stone, every marble slab countertop is unique and no two will be exactly alike. The varying nature of the internal structure of the marble draws the eye to its beauty. Veining patterns vary from what type of marble is chosen for your countertops, flooring, backsplash or table top adding a special significance to your choices. The artistic appeal of marble in Calgary and around the world is appreciated by all.


When it comes to caring for marble kitchen countertops in Calgary, proactive upkeep is key. All marble décor, including marble table tops, marble backsplash, as well as marble flooring demand care and attention to keep it looking pristine. Be careful to wipe up any spill, such as red wine, that might stain a marble surface.

  • Take a minimalist approach when it comes to caring for your marble countertops. Wipe them off with a soft cloth dipped in warm mild soap and water solution to keep them shiny, and free of dust.
  • Do yourself a favour and buy a matching marble cutting board so that you are not tempted to chop food directly on your marble kitchen countertops.
  • Never clean marble kitchen countertops, marble table tops or marble backsplash with vinegar or acidic chemicals, as they will dull the surface over time.
  • There are several products on the market designed specifically to clean and disinfect marble flooring, backsplashes, countertops, table tops and other marble surfaces. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.
  • All marble slabs can be re-sealed with a protective sealant periodically to prevent absorption of liquids and protect your marble countertops for life.

A marble countertop adds a touch of luxury to any home, impresses potential buyers and is a never-fail conversation starter with guests. The timeless appeal and clean appearance of marble table tops, countertops, or a marble floor or backsplash, never falls out of fashion. Take care of your marble and it will take care of you; adding class and style to your home. Visit our Calgary showroom and see for yourself the marble slabs we currently have available.


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